Shofuso Historic Landscape Restoration 2020 Pebble Beach Installation Video Series

                              Shofuso Historic Landscape Restoration 2020 Pebble Beach Installation, Part V. Work in Progress

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For National Public Gardens Week, held by the American Public Gardens Association, see the story of the Shofuso Historic Landscape Restoration 2020 Pebble Beach Installation as a five-part video series on our social media channels and Youtube beginning Friday, May 8 and ending on Sunday, May 17.

Inspired by pebble beaches frequently found in Kyoto, Japan, Shofuso’s pebble beach was part of Tansai Sano’s original 1957 landscape plan, which was recently rediscovered in our archives. Funded by a grant from the McLean Contributionship, our Head Gardener Sandi Polyakov has added the pebble beach to Shofuso’s pond.

Tune in to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube between May 8 and May 17 to see the history, design, and implementation in advance of visiting later this year to see it in person.  

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