Sakura Concert Series – Jazz & Reggae

*This event is part of the Sakura Concert Series of the Shofuso Cherry Blossom Festival of Philadelphia. The festival is free – no ticket is required!*

Philadelphia Jazz Project’s PEACE ON EARTH Concert (3:00 PM)
Philadelphia Jazz Project (PJP) is a special initiative which works to support, promote, archive and celebrate the diverse elements within the Philadelphia jazz community, with the larger goal of connecting to the global community. Our goal is to expand the audience, increase creative opportunities and to extend the conversation about the music. We do this through special events that present a diverse and intergenerational picture of the Philadelphia Jazz communities.

This concert at the Shofuso Cherry Blossom Festival will present a performance of John Coltrane’s – under-recognized classic, Peace On Earth. This song was written for and premiered during Coltrane’s concert tour of Japan in 1966. As a young man, John Coltrane was a member of the U.S. Navy and was stationed in Hawaii soon after World War II. This song and his visit to the Nagasaki Peace Park commemorating the atomic bombing of the city on August 9, 1945 during World War II, illuminate his desire to seek and inspire a greater peace and understanding among all human beings. In this special concert, the ensemble will transform the original composition into a suite of various movements, sonic textures and moods (think A Love Supreme) offering musical features for solos, duets, trios and full ensemble performance segments culminating in a triumphant celebration of life and the newness of Spring.

Performers (from left to right)
Adam Faulk – piano
Richard Hill – bass & music director
Alan Nelson – drums
Dah Divine – saxophone
Terry Lawson – saxophone
Dylan Band – saxophone

Brown Rice Family (4:10 PM)
Brown Rice Family is today’s freshest world roots band jamming towards global solidarity and organic happiness. Guided by a strong belief in the natural flow of things, BRF provides the masses with a distinctively organic World Roots Music, which encompasses reggae, hip-hop, dancehall, afro beat, jazz stylings, rock, brazilian, Latin, and funk. The band was formed while its members were attending the City College of New York. The band began to grow and is presently comprised of eight members hailing from all over the world—Japan, Jamaica, Haiti, Nigeria, South Africa and USA. The members’ diverse national backgrounds set the stage for their unique coexistence, their musical creativity and dance. The BRF sound is in the truest sense of the words, World Roots Music. BRF’s colorful sound waves will carry rhythm surfers on a musical journey that straddles ancient and contemporary global sounds.

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