Ouchigohan! – Nikujaga

This Japanese nikomi, a meat and vegetable stew, combines sweet and savory flavors with a classic method of cooking down the liquid until it permeates the ingredients. A comfort dish of home and kyushoku (school lunch) is easy to make and will become a favorite in your house. Pair it with refreshing cabbage and clementine salad.

Vegetarians can use yaki dofu (grilled tofu comes in a package) or tofu cutlet instead of meat.

All registrants will receive a list of ingredients and a copy of the recipe, along with the link to participate, as we get closer to the event.


Non-Members: $15 | JASGP Members: $10 with code “philly”
One registration per family. This program is hosted online via Zoom. The ingredient list will be provided a few days in advance.

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Online via Zoom

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