Ouchigohan! – Dorayaki

The July edition of the family-friendly online Japanese cooking class おうちごはん!Ouchigohan! – Japanese Home Cooking will feature a classic Japanese confection — dorayaki (どら焼き)!

Dorayaki sandwiches anko (餡子) red bean paste between two castella pancakes for the perfect on-the-go snack or light dessert. The treat is notably a confection of good fortune as the shape is said to symbolize a great embrace and unconditional love. Moreover, dorayaki is just plain fun as it can be topped with any combination of ingredients, including fruit and ice cream, to create the perfect summer treat.

Join special guest Aoi TSUCHIDA, founder and owner of Kyoto-based OYATSU AOI, and beloved Ouchigohan! instructor Debra SAMUELS in making dorayaki three ways. Participants can use prepared anko (available online or in Asian markets) or cook along with Tsuchida-san and Debra-sensei to make your own sweet red bean paste from scratch. A Q&A session with Tsuchida-san will also provide insight into the world of wagashi Japanese sweets.

The ingredient list along with recipes from Tsuchida-san will be provided before the event.

This month’s program is hosted by Japan-America Society of Houston and joined by Japan Society New York, The Japan Society of Boston, The Japan-America Society of Georgia, Japan America Society of Colorado, Japan-America Society of Indiana, Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia and The Japan-America Society of Washington D.C.


Non-Members: $15 | JASGP Members: $10 with code “Philly”
One registration per family. This program is hosted online via Zoom. The ingredient list will be provided a few days in advance.

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