In Japan, the sixtieth birthday is the occasion of kanreki 還暦, completing five cycles of the Chinese zodiac, when achievements are celebrated, troubles are forgotten, and a new stage of rebirth begins.

This year, the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia (JASGP) celebrates 60 years of Shofuso in West Fairmount Park. On October 19, 1958, Shofuso opened to the public at its current location in Philadelphia, after being exhibited for a year and a half at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

As part of marking this auspicious kanreki (60th birthday), former board president and long-time supporter Steve Yanai has provided a generous matching grant up to $10,000 to honor Shofuso.

We ask all supporters of Shofuso from the past 60 years to make a special year-end contribution to JASGP to help us raise $60,000 in 60 days, honoring Shofuso’s place in Philadelphia and ensuring another 60 years of Japanese arts and culture in West Fairmount Park.

Shofuso is often the only opportunity for many to experience Japanese culture. About 400,000 people have visited Shofuso in the 60 years since 1958, and we expect to reach 1,000,000 total visitors by 2030.

JASGP connects Japan and Philadelphia through Shofuso, the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival, and arts, business, and culture programs. With your support, JASGP can make Shofuso available to all for the next 60 years.

Show your support for Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia’s programs and activities by making a gift today.

Make checks payable to Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia or JASGP and mail to:

Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia
5070 Parkside Ave., Suite 1404
Philadelphia, PA 19131

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