Photography and video shoots are permitted at Shofuso during regular visitation hours. You are welcome as a friend and a guest to have a casual, non-commercial shoot in the house and garden, so long as you do not disturb other guests. Below, we’ve added our guidelines and policies.

  • We have a strict no wedding photography policy. Visitors with wedding attire will not be allowed to do photography due to the disruptive nature of such events.
  • We do not have facilities for visitors to change or apply makeup.
  • We do not allow private access to our site at this time; photo shoots must take place during regular hours.
  • No more than one photographer is allowed for casual photo events.
  • Posed photos need to be restricted to four guests or fewer due to the space constrictions of our gardens so as to not interrupt visitor flow.
  • Visitors must remove their shoes when inside our house (including our wooden veranda).
  • Casual photography is restricted to the areas that regular visitors have access to. (e.g. no photography on our bridge or island, visitors must stay off our plantings).
  • No equipment is allowed beyond a tripod (e.g. no lights or reflectors).
  • Tripods must have rubber tips to be allowed inside the house and will be inspected by staff to ensure compliance. We also ).
  • A group that is disruptive to our guests may be asked to leave to preserve the experience for our guests.

For more information, please contact us.

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