Nihongo PhilaCon is an annual quiz show style competition for high school students studying Japanese.  The name is taken from the Japanese word for Japanese – nihongo​ – and a Japanese style contraction – Philacon, which is short for Philadelphia competition (the “m” becomes an “n” in Japanese pronunciation).

Nihongo PhilaCon 2019 will take place on Saturday, March 30, 2018 – Register Now

Hosted by Villanova University, eligible students can register online (for information eligibility, see Rules).  Thanks to support from the Subaru of America Foundation, there is no fee to participate. Registration will close on Friday, March 23.

Following registration, participants are assigned to teams of three to four people.  Teams are assigned to mix students from different schools to encourage new friendships and emphasize fun over competition.

There are two rounds of competition, followed by bento​ box lunch and an interactive cultural workshop (i.e. taiko drumming, calligraphy, mochi making).  The day ends with prizes for the winning teams and gift bags for all participants.

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