Always been curious about Japanese? Having trouble sticking to independent study? Our Japanese Classroom offers an accessible, affordable opportunity to participate in a positive group study environment. Classes meet once weekly on weekday evenings in 10 or 5 week semesters.

Spring and Fall Semesters

Spring (late January through April) and Fall (late September through December) sessions meet 90 minutes per week for 10 weeks. These sessions follow the Japan Times Genki Series and include reading, writing, speaking, listening, and cultural components. Styled after college curricula, these comprehensive classes begin with Japanese 101. Each course covers 3 chapters. Japanese 101-104 cover Genki I and Japanese 201-204 cover Genki II

Summer Semesters

Beginning in late May, Summer semester classes meet for 10 hours over five weeks. These classes are more focused on particular areas of the Japanese language. Example classes: Kanji Bootcamp, Survival Japanese, Everyday Encounters, and JLPT Prep.


North America Room
International House Philadelphia
3701 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104


Registration costs $400, or $380 for JASGP members except where otherwise noted. Textbooks may also be purchased through JASGP.


Hear It From Our Students

“Learning Japanese at the JASGP has been a great experience that has only deepened my interest in Japan. Thanks to the the dedication of the teachers and JASGP staff it has been a real pleasure to attend classes and improve my language skills. The JASGP has a wide breadth of programs and activities and I would warmly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about Japan, its language and culture.”
-Branimir Vasilić, 101-204 Student

“One of the best things about taking classes at JAGSP is that everyone is learning Japanese for different reasons. Our classes are always diverse and the instructors are always engaging. I learn something new every class, culturally and linguistically.”
-Jessica Kwasniak, 101-102 Student

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