JDM: Automotive Forbidden Fruit

We in the American car enthusiast community have it pretty good right now. We have affordable sports cars and fantastically expensive hybrid hypercars, and in an era where most family sedans are pushing 300 horsepower, we really don't have a lot to complain about. There should theoretically be something for everyone. However, the enthusiast community is widely known for clamoring for automakers to make available certain models here that are only available elsewhere, regardless of whether or not said model will actually sell. So for every average "non-enthusiast" model released in America, there is a group of enthusiasts calling for every automaker to release a manual, brown, diesel station wagon, despite the fact that such a vehicle would appeal only to an extremely limited audience.

Buying Cosplay Wigs

One of the most important parts to a costume, other then the costume itself is a wig. Some character might be all right for you to use your real hair for, but achieving the unnatural colors with your own hair might be a bit more difficult and impractical. Wigs can also help you achieve some of the more impossible styles that might not be possible for real hair. The wig is one of the finishing pieces to a costume, something that will help pull the whole look together.


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