Cosplay Breakdown: Hot Pants

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure was a series I had been meaning to pick up for the longest time. When the anime was released I decided to finally sit down and give it a chance, and I’m really glad I did. The series is far more fantastic then I would have imagined. After blowing through the anime I had to go back and read through the manga. With the series being over 20 years old, it took quite a bit of time to catch up. But once I did I was ready to cosplay from it.

The West in Light of the East: Painting

Art is a major facet of human life that some have cross-culturally held to a particular standard through which human civilizations have been critiqued. In order to do the entire subject of what all humans around the globe consider to be 'art', much more than this short article would have to be written. Thusly, I will only focus on a few aspects of two-dimensional painting as can be generally seen in the East with a focus on Japan, and in the West with a focus on the United States.

How Culture Informs Our Means of Entertainment: Gaming in Japan & the U.S.

When we regard our means of entertainment in a very general sense, we find a few types that exist cross-culturally to a universal extent. Examples of these types of entertainment are music, story-telling, and games. In some instances, the act of simply playing a game may be considered more childlike in one culture more so than in another, but regardless seems to be pretty much part of a universal human experience. 


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