Bonenkai 2014 Raffle Items

It’s nearly time again for our annual celebration of the passing of another year: the JASGP Bonenkai at Yakitori Boy! Just like last year we will be hosting a raffle at the event, which will be Thursday, December 17th from 7:00-10:00 pm. So if the appeal of a night of karaoke, drinks and friends isn’t enough to persuade you, maybe a look at these awesome Japan-themed prizes we’re offering will change your mind. 

Give the Gift of Nashi

Looking for that perfect holiday gift? How about a box of gourmet Pennsylvania- grown, fresh nashi? Yes, you can get authentic Japanese pears right here in Eastern Pennsylvania from local grower, Subarashii Kudamono. These crisp, delicious pears make great gifts and they're healthy too!

Swarthmore Taiko Performs!

Last week on November 15th, the Swarthmore taiko ensemble performed at Bryn Mawr’s annual Asian-American culture show!  It was challenging preparing all the pieces in the short amount of time that we had, but the results were super rewarding when we managed to pull off the performance.    

We played three pieces – two excerpts and one full piece.  The first piece was an excerpt titled ‘Tassijima’, composed and choreographed by our taiko coach, Kim Arrow.  The piece contained interesting East Indian rhythmic structures, and I enjoyed playing it very much.  The second piece, titled ‘Breaks’, is composed of multiple pieces that had been broken apart and stitched together.  Full of different playing styles and rhythms, it was the most challenging one in terms of making sure everybody was in sync.

JDM: Automotive Forbidden Fruit

We in the American car enthusiast community have it pretty good right now. We have affordable sports cars and fantastically expensive hybrid hypercars, and in an era where most family sedans are pushing 300 horsepower, we really don't have a lot to complain about. There should theoretically be something for everyone. However, the enthusiast community is widely known for clamoring for automakers to make available certain models here that are only available elsewhere, regardless of whether or not said model will actually sell. So for every average "non-enthusiast" model released in America, there is a group of enthusiasts calling for every automaker to release a manual, brown, diesel station wagon, despite the fact that such a vehicle would appeal only to an extremely limited audience.


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