Hold These Truths Coming Soon

Beginning February 12, Philadelphians will have a chance to watch a unique one-man show. Hold These Truths is the story of Gordon Hirabayashi, a Japanese-American, who challenged the US government policy of internment camps during World War II. Gordon embarks on a profound and wild adventure in defense of our Constitution, discovering his Quaker faith, hitchhiking to prison, and taking his fight all the way to the Supreme Court. Philadelphia-based actor Makoto Hirano gives voice to over thirty characters in a one-man tour-de-force performance

Japan Residency Opportunity for Artists

The Japan - US Friendship Commission is currently accepting applications for its Creative Artists Program. Architects, Choreographers, Composers, Film makers, Playwrights, Actors, Visual Artists and others are eligible to apply for a 3-5 month residency in Japan. The program is extremely competitive. Applications are due February 2. For more information, visit the Japan-US Friendship Commission.  

JASGP Goes to the George Nakashima Woodworker Gallery and Studio

In December, the staff members at JASGP were treated to a rare opportunity for a tour of the George Nakashima Woodworker Gallery and Studio. The organization was awarded as a Cultural Ambassador at our most recent Annual Meeting, and having spoken with many members of the family at the event, they graciously extended an invitation to us so we could see some of the wonderful things that they do at their compound in New Hope, PA. George Nakashima worked in New Hope since 1943, when he was sponsored for release from the Minidoka Internment Camp in Idaho by his former employer, Antonin Raymond. Nakashima's fascinating story marks him as an important figure in Japanese-American history, and the knowledge that we were going to be experiencing what was the enduring legacy of an eminent craftsman colored our visit to the studio from the outset.


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