2021 Children's Day Exhibition

May 1-16, at Shofuso

Children’s Day is a national holiday in Japan celebrating children’s health, happiness, and family unity. In honor of the holiday, Shofuso celebrates Children’s Day every year with festive on-site displays of Japanese Samurai Armors (Kabuto) and carp streamers (Koinobori). Come to Shofuso with your family and friends to see this seasonal decoration, feed carps in the pond and enjoy the view of the Japanese garden with blooming Azaleas.

In person tours are available for groups of 10-12 people, Wednesdays-Fridays: starting at 11am. More information and booking for group tours, please contact: cschank@japanphilly.org

Download Children's day educational materials for teachers: an educational series by Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia.

Lesson 1: What is Children's day?

Lesson 2: A Mini Tour of Shofuso

Lesson 3: Koinobori

Lesson 4: Kamishibai "Paper Theater"

Lesson 5: Fan Dance Demonstration

Lesson 6: Hina Dolls

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