JASGP’s Philadelphia Museum of Art Visit: Tour of “Yoshitoshi: Spirit and Spectacle”

The Philadelphia Museum of Art extended an invitation to the JASGP for a tour of “Yoshitoshi: Spirit and Spectacle.” JASGP had the privilege of being lead through the exhibition by curator Shelley Langdale. The exhibition, which draws on the PMA’s collection of Japanese art, features 60 works by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi — the largest collection of these prints outside of Japan. Many staff learned new things about Yoshitoshi, while some had a refresher on him and what he means to Japan as a woodblock printmaking artist.

Yoshitoshi was the last traditional printmaking master in Japan. His response to the rapid modernization of Japan in the 1800s was expressive and unique. He covered a wide array of subjects from acts of heroism, to portraits and even to gory scenes of war. Part of Yoshitoshi’s print series One Hundred Aspects of The Moon is exhibited at the exhibition as well. While in the exhibition, visitors have the opportunity to learn a lot about the process of woodblock printmaking, and will be able to admire the fine detail and work put into Yoshitoshi’s prints.

The staff at the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia would like to thank the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Shelley Langdale for the invitation and warm welcome! Yoshitoshi: Spirit and Spectacle runs through August 18, 2019, and is free with regular museum admission. For more information, including hours, admission, and online ticket sales, please visit philamuseum.org.

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