Sakura Sunday 2019, the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival’s main event, has a variety of performances taking place across three stages: the Main Stage, Matsuri Village Stage, and Little Akiba Stage. There are also activities running all day inside the Horiticulture Center. From taiko drumming to kimono dressing, learn more about our performers to find an activity that interests you!

Matsuri Village Performers

Little Akiba Performers

Horiculture Center Performers


Main Stage Performers

Rio Koike

Tamagawa University Drum & Dance Troupe

Zenkaikon Entertainment, Inc.


10tecomai Yosakoi Dance Project

IchiFuji-kai Dance Association

Madame Saito

Kiwi & the Papaya Mangoes


Sakura Sunday is a family friendly event, open to everyone. Guests are expected to respect each other, performers, event staff, volunteers, and JASGP staff. For our full code of conduct, click here.

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