The Astounding Architects of Buddhist Wonderment – Presented by Atlas Obscura

Join Atlas Obscura at Shofuso for a unique opportunity to delve into the more fantastic and phantasmagoric aspects of Buddhist architecture and spectacle attractions, or misemono, with Dr. Justin McDaniel, Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

We’ll hear about Buddhist hell parks, giant statues, roller coasters, and other fantastic/fantasy places spread across Japan, Thailand, Burma, Singapore, Vietnam and other regions of Southeast Asia. Dr. McDaniel will supplement the discussion with items from his personal location.

What better location for such an evening than one of Philadelphia’s most distinct Japanese spaces designed for leisure, wonderment, and beauty? Shofuso is a 17th century style traditional Japanese house and gardens in West Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. It stands today as one of the most authentic traditional Japanese structures to exist outside of Japan, with over 30,000 visitors enjoy the site every year.

Admission is $25. Advance registration is highly recommended, as this event has limited capacity.

Lansdowne Dr & Horticultural Dr, Philadelphia, PA 19131

  • May 16, 2019
  • 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
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