Japanese 101b “Conversational Japanese for Beginners”

Japanese 101b “Conversational Japanese for Beginners” is a new 101 course that focuses more on casual learning. This class is less focused on grammar or script memorizing, and is more geared towards learning Japanese for travel or other less formal uses. This class may not be best suited for those students looking to continue learning Japanese past the 101 level, so please visit this link to our traditional 101 course for a stronger foundational learning experience.

Each class will cover one unit of the textbook “Nihongo Fun & Easy” each lesson every week, so 10 units in 10 weeks. Class meetings are held weekly from 6:00 – 7:30 PM online through Zoom.

Every phrase and sentence comes with pronunciation guide (Romanized characters) in this textbook, so students can start speaking without having to memorize all of the Hiragana, Katakana, nor Kanji characters. The students will learn how to introduce themselves, ask directions, ask questions about prices when shopping, making requests & permission, learn what to say at the restaurant, and so on – a lot of expressions useful while traveling in Japan. (Learn practical Japanese in an easy and more relaxed mode.)


Nihongo Fun and Easy Soft Cover Version ISBN 10 – 4872177215 ISBN 13- 978-4872177213

Cancellation Policy

Classes canceled due to low enrollment (under 4 students) will receive full refunds. No refunds will be given past the registration deadline for students who wish to withdraw from the class.

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