Business Meetup: The OIST Experiment: Building a World-Class Scientific Research University

Join the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia at the third US-Japan Business Meetup Philly, presented by AGC Chemicals and Hosted by Volpe and Koenig, P.C. We will welcome Dr. Mary Collins, Provost at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology and David Janes, Senior Advisor for Institutional Development at OIST and Managing Director of the OIST Foundation.

In just eight short years as a graduate university in Okinawa, OIST was listed this year as one of the 10 top scientific research institutions globally according to Nature Magazine’s normalized rankings. This places OIST above MIT globally and first in Japan. With this recognition, OIST is rapidly realizing its aim of becoming a world-class scientific institution based in Japan that is truly global. OIST aims to be a challenge to traditional education in Japan and also intends to promote the sustainable development of Okinawa.

Dr. Collins will discuss the creation of OIST, its rapid move from concept to reality, and how it was able to achieve such remarkable status in such a brief span. She will also discuss new insights into the nature of cutting edge scientific research in Japan, US-Japan science diplomacy, and how OIST is enhancing Okinawa. Mr. Janes will discuss OIST’s role in US-Japan science diplomacy, and how OIST is enhancing Okinawa.

  • September 10, 2019
  • 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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