2022 Tanabata at Shofuso

Every year Shofuso celebrates Tanabata with decorations and bamboo trees full of wishes written by our visitors. Visit Shofuso and make your very own wish this July!

Tanabata is the yearly star festival that is recognized across Japan on July 7th. This is the one day a year where two celestial lovers, Orihime and Hikoboshi, are said to meet. We celebrate this meeting of star crossed lovers by appreciating the beauty of the cosmos and the wonders of the night sky. And we invite you to celebrate with us!

Come to Shofuso from July 7th to the 17th to learn about the holiday, see traditional Tanabata decorations, and to make your Tanzaku wish for the rest of the year.

Watch the video and learn about Tanabata!


  • July 13, 2022
  • 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Lansdowne Dr & Horticultural Dr, Philadelphia, PA 19131

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