As of February 23rd, the weather forecast company, Weathermap K.K has announced their expected dates for when the cherry blossoms will bloom in various locations in Japan. The blossoms are expected during their normal times thanks to a return of a colder winter, unlike the warmer winter of last year. Of course these are just forecasts, since the weather can change anytime and affect the blossoms, but it does say that Tokyo will be at full bloom around April 2nd and Osaka on April 5th. Because of Japan’s geography, the cherry blossoms tend to bloom starting in the south of the country, with Hokkaido in the north blooming last.

Cherry blossoms are an important part of Japanese culture and a must-see if you visit Japan during the spring! However, you don’t have to go all the way to Japan to see these beautiful flowers, as they can be seen right here in Philadelphia. They are planted all over the city, maybe even in your own neighborhood. Just look for the famous pink and white blossoms.

We recommend going to see the cherry blossoms in Fairmount Park, which has a large number of the trees in different varieties, which means the blooming season lasts around three weeks, compared to the usual one week period in cities like Washington, DC, which only has one main variety. There are multiple spots around Fairmount Park that you can catch a glimpse of the trees. A perfect time to see these cherry blossoms in Fairmount Park is during our annual Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival, where you can also experience Japanese cultural events and activities. The usual time that these flowers bloom is around early to late April, but that pattern is always affected by the weather of the past year, so the blooming time is not guaranteed. Look out for better forecasts as the spring season approaches, and make sure to get a glimpse of these beautiful trees!


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