Shofuso’s weekday camp program is “the chicest in town” for youth ages 6-10. Take a five-week journey through Japan, or enjoy camp as independent themed weeks. At the end of every week, campers show off their skills and knowledge in a cumulative event for family and friends.

Camp Week Themes

Japanese Food, Savories and Sweets: July 9 – July 13
Each day, campers will work together to cook two Japanese recipes a day – a savory plate and a sweet. From chakin-zushi to taiyaki, campers will create mouthwatering dishes. On Friday, the campers will make a parent picnic style “feast” to show off the recipes they have learned. In addition to cooking, the campers will work on food inspired crafts including the creation of a Japanese herb window box.

Kawaii! July 16 – July 20 Sold Out!
Campers will explore all things cute in this week that delves into the kawaii and café culture of Japan. Campers will craft their own emoji pillow, whip up animal doughnuts and bento, and create an adorable moss garden complete with lovable inhabitants. At the end of the week, campers will host a pop-up café for parents serving some of the sweet treats they learned during the week.

All Things Ghibli: July 23 – July 27 Sold Out!
Campers will immerse themselves in the fabulous world of Studio Ghibli by creating art and food inspired by Miyazaki’s famous movies. A found object Howl’s castle sculpture on wheels, Princess Mononoke moss terrarium with kodama and soot sprite onigiri from Spirited Away are just some of the creative ways we will explore these beloved characters and tales. Campers will create a soot sprite scavenger hunt to teach their adult friends about the house on the last day.

Spooky Japan: July 30 – August 3 Sold Out!
In the hot summer month of August, people in Japan tell spine tingling stories to cool down in the heat. In this week dedicated to obaketsukumogami and yurei, we will learn about ghostly traditions and urban legends. Campers will make their own ghostly sculptures inspired by the ghosts created on Kyoto’s Yokai Street, and parents will be invited to a Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai (a traditional telling of ghost stories) by the campers at the end of the week.

Japanese Food, Homestyle Treats: August 6 – August 10Sold Out!
New recipes will be explored in this second week of Japanese culinary traditions. From curry to mushipan, campers will learn to make home-style recipes and treats. On Friday, the campers will end the week by making a themed bento box for their parents. In addition to cooking, the campers will work on food inspired crafts including miniature clay food art.


Before and After Care
Early drop-off and late pick-up are now available for Summer Day Camp and Manga Immersion campers. Campers can craft, play games, watch anime, and work together to make a daily after-camp snack in a relaxed atmosphere. Campers must be preregistered for one session to be eligible for before and after care.

Morning session: 8 – 8:45 AM, $25 weekly

Afternoon session: 3:15 – 5:30 PM, $65 weekly (no Friday after-care)

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