This artist-led program is geared toward older students who want to specialize in an exploration of manga art. Each week campers will work toward creating their own characters and story lines, using their favorite manga as source material.

Character Week: July 9 – July 13
Campers will have fun designing their own characters and learn what consists of good character design. Campers will learn anatomy and figure drawing to enhance their characters. At the end of the week, campers will show off their character creations to their parents.

World Building: July 16 – July 20
Explore the manga that you create! Campers will create a setting and explore aspects of that setting’s world. World building will allow campers to think critically about the world they create through a historical lens. At the end of the week, campers will show off their world booklet for their manga.

Manga Storytelling: July 23 – July 27
Campers will learn how to tell their stories in manga medium. Campers will create short stories and learn the best way to composition panels to tell their stories. At the end of the week Campers will share their manga creations with their parents.

Shoujo and Shounen: July 30 – August 3
Campers will dive into the world of action comics (shounen) and magical girls (shoujo) and will develop their own short manga in a similar vein. Campers will develop a script for their manga idea and go through the process of creating a short manga that they will present to their friends and family at the end of the week.

Manga Illustration: August 6 – August 10
Campers will create illustrations based on their own stories and characters. Campers will create a cover for their stories and create a poster to promote their story. On Friday, campers will display their work in a collective gallery for the parents.


Before and After Care
Early drop-off and late pick-up are now available for Summer Day Camp and Manga Immersion campers. Campers can craft, play games, watch anime, and work together to make a daily after-camp snack in a relaxed atmosphere. Campers must be preregistered for one session to be eligible for before and after care.

Morning session: 8 – 8:45 AM, $25 weekly

Afternoon session: 3:15 – 5:30 PM, $65 weekly (no Friday after-care)

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