Frequently Asked Questions About Sakura Sunday

How much are the admission fees for Sakura Sunday?

Adults – $15, Children 12 & under are free. Early tickets available on Eventbrite.

How/When/Where do I take the shuttle bus from Center City to Sakura Sunday?

From 9:00 AM until 3:30 PM, shuttle buses will be departing for the Horticulture Center from the Old Post Office Building across the street from 30th Street Station. Buses will depart roughly every 15 to 20 minutes*. Bus fare is included in the admission price. The last bus to Center City departs from the Horticulture Center at 5:30 PM.

*Due to road conditions and traffic, bus arrival and departure timings are subject to fluctuation. We ask that you please be patient while waiting for buses.

May I bring my pet to Sakura Sunday?

Yes, Sakura Sunday is pet friendly. Please keep your pet on a lead at all times.

May I bring food and drink to Sakura Sunday?

While there will be food and drink vendors on site, visitors are also encouraged to bring their own food and drink items. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the Horticulture Center grounds.

What is the Policy on Cosplay Props?

Please use common sense when bringing prop weaponry to Sakura Sunday. If you would not carry your item in public, in plain sight, then you should not have it at the festival.

  • All prop weapons must be easily identified as being replicas.
  • The maximum prop size is six feet (6’) in any direction.
  • Misuse of your prop, by swinging it or endangering others with it, will result in staff asking you to remove the prop from the festival grounds.

Types of Weapons or Props NOT Allowed:

  • Any weapon that can shoot a projectile or has moving parts will not be permitted. Prohibited examples include, but are not limited to: Water guns/pistols/rifles/blasters, BB/Pellet guns, Crossbows, dart guns, or blow guns.
  • Live steel: Live steel is defined as any object made of metal that is capable of taking an edge, whether or not the object is actually sharp, and whether or not the object is sheathed.
  • Nunchaku
  • Explosives or chemicals of any kind
  • Handcuffs
  • Airsoft guns
  • Paddles

Types of Weapons and Props Allowed:

  • Wooden swords including boken, bo sticks, and shinai.
  • Props made of paper mache or other material that is not dangerous to others (e.g. has no sharp edges, or parts sticking out that might trip people as they walk by).
  • Metal chains less than three feet (3’). This includes, but is not limited to, chain wallets or chains on non-costume clothing. While you can have chains, you cannot use the chain like a leash to lead others around the event grounds.
  • Bows are only permitted if they are not strung with any tension.
  • Props, resin casts, and toys simulating the appearance of firearms are allowed only if they:
    • Are easily identifiable as toys or props
    • Have no moving parts
    • Are marked with a non-removable orange tip

Prop restrictions and guidelines are courtesy from the professionals at Zenkaikon.

How do I get to Sakura Sunday?

Venue Location
Horticulture Center (Google Maps)
Montgomery Drive & Belmont Avenue (I-76 Exit 341), Philadelphia 19131

Parking GPS Address: 4800 States Drive, Philadelphia 19131

Taxi/Uber/Lyft Drop off point: 4300 Avenue of the Republic, Philadelphia 19131

Where can I park on Sakura Sunday?

Vehicles are not permitted to park at the Horticulture Center. $10 per vehicle remote parking with complimentary shuttle service along South George’s Hill, Avenue of the Republic, and States Drive.

Handicapped parking is available in the paid lot. A handicap accesible shuttle is available to take guests to the entrance.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Trees

Where are Philadelphia’s cherry blossom trees?

A map of the best cherry blossom viewing sites can be found on this page.  Click the image there to view a larger version.

When will the cherry blossom trees be in bloom?

Blossoming time varies from year to year depending on changes in the climate, but expect to see brilliant pink blossoms towards the end of March and the lighter, larger varieties up through mid-April.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Japanese House & Garden

For information about Shofuso Japanese Cultural Center, please refer to our website or get in touch with us using the contact form.


Sakura Sunday is a family friendly event, open to everyone. Guests are expected to respect each other, performers, event staff, volunteers, and JASGP staff. For our full code of conduct, click here.

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