Learn the techniques that add beauty and structure to Shofuso’s garden from professional Japanese gardener Asher Browne. These small group workshops allow plenty of one on one instruction, and are designed with both hobbyists and professional gardeners in mind.

Advance registration is highly recommended, as these workshops are expected to sell out. Members must be signed in to receive a discount.

Japanese Pruning Workshops

Japanese Garden Elements Workshops

About the Instructor

Asher Browne is a Japanese garden builder based in New Jersey, and has been Shofuso’s garden
consultant for the past decade. Asher started his quest to learn the techniques and principles of
Japanese gardening nearly twenty years ago. With a background in the Fine Arts, he moved to
Japan for eight years, four years of which was spent training full-time with garden companies in
Kyoto. By working with Japanese garden crews every day in some of Kyoto’s most famous
gardens, he learned the traditional techniques that have been used for centuries to build and
develop Japan’s beautiful gardens.

For more information about Asher, please visit his website, asherbrowne.com.

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