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Union League of Philadelphia
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Ichiro Ishii headlines the speakers of this year’s seminar

Over the past 70 years, the United States and Japan have created and maintained one of the strongest friendships and alliances in the world. That friendship has come through contentious bilateral trade disputes in the 1990s and a long period of time when the interests of U.S. companies shifted to focus almost exclusively on China. Now, both countries, and the relationship, stand at a defining moment of opportunity and challenge.

Within the next few months, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiation, involving 12 countries which make up 40% of the world’s GDP, will either succeed or fail. For the United States, the TPP forms the economic centerpiece of President Obama’s focus on Asia and the basis for an entirely new, high standards-based, trade relationship. For Japan, the TPP represents the best hope for reforming its economy and creating long-term growth opportunities.

Just weeks after Prime Minister Abe’s visit to Washington, the Japan-America Society of Greater Philadelphia brings together a distinguished set of speakers to provide current information and perspectives on the U.S.-Japan relationship at this crucial moment.

How important is the relationship with Japan to the U.S. economy? Do we understand the importance of Japanese investment in the United States, and what is the potential for enlarging it? What would a successful TPP agreement mean for the economies of the U.S. and Japan? What is the attitude on Capitol Hill toward a deeper U.S.-Japan economic relationship, and how does it compare to attitudes around the country? How will new developments impact the U.S.-Japan-China trilateral relationship?

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