Hitachi, Ltd.

Takashi Hatchoji began his career at Hitachi, Ltd in 1970. His illustrious career at Hitachi has spanned over 40 years. While he has held many positions of increasing responsibility within the organization, there are several appointments of particular importance.

In 1992, Mr. Hatchoji was promoted to senior researcher of Hitachi Research Institute in 1992 where he studied global management of multinational corporations. In 1997, Mr. Hatchoji was appointed General Manager of the Corporate Planning & Development Office, where he managed the overall corporate strategy of Hitachi, Ltd. including implementing Hitachi’s Mid-term Management Plan.

In 2001, he was appointed Executive General Manager of the Business Solution Systems Division. In 2003, he was promoted to Vice President and Executive Officer of Hitachi, Ltd. While in this position, Mr. Hatchoji played a key role in adopting a new corporate governance system within the Hitachi Group. In 2004, he was promoted to Senior Vice President and Executive Officer of Hitachi, Ltd. and then promoted to Executive Vice President and Corporate Officer in 2006. In 2007, Mr. Hatchoji was appointed President and Director of the Hitachi Research Institute. In April, 2009 he was appointed Representative Executive Officer, Executive Vice President and Executive Officer of Hitachi, Ltd.

In March, 2011, Mr. Hatchoji was appointed General Manager, Emergency Headquarters, where he played an especially distinctive and guiding role in the Hitachi Group’s recovery efforts following the Great East Japan Earthquake. In July, 2011, he was appointed as Group Chairman for the Americas and Chairman of Hitachi America, Ltd., where he conducted comprehensive management of Hitachi in the Americas. In June 2015, he was appointed Advisor, Hitachi, Ltd.

Mr. Hatchoji has a BA in Commerce from Hitotsubashi University. During his tenure at Hitachi, Mr. Hatchoji further honed his business and management skills by studying Business Administration at the University of Iowa and by attending Harvard University’s Advanced Management Program.