Phila-Nipponica CoverDid you know that Benjamin Franklin has Japanese descendants? What about that the only Quaker school in Japan was founded by Philadelphia’s long-standing Quaker community? Or how about that the tiny locomotive that kicked off Japan’s legendary railway developments was built here in Philadelphia?

Phila-Nipponica: An Historic Guide to Philadelphia & Japan is a bilingual (English & Japanese) collection of essays detailing the many historical connections and unique relationships between Philadelphia and Japan starting with the first contacts between Japan and the US and continuing through to the present day. From the 1860 diplomatic mission to Benjamin Franklin’s Japanese descendants, this book details over 150 years of exchange.

This second edition of Phila-Nipponica features new cover art and over 20 new chapters, adding over 150 pages of new material.

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日本語・英語 併記 278 頁 17.8 x 1.6 x 25.4cm