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No More Fukushimas

As expected, my last week in Hiroshima was a whirlwind of international conferences, peace events, and new faces. At the Mayor’s for Peace Conference, I learned a great deal about the organization's involvement in increasing global awareness of the urgent need to abolish nuclear weapons. In fact, Mayors for Peace now represents 1/7th of the global population. In the belief that no one has the right to impose nuclear risks on humanity, Mayors for Peace is working to eliminate nuclear weapons by the year 2020. 134 American cities, including Philadelphia, have signed on to Mayors for Peace. New York and Washington D.C. still haven’t gotten the memo.

Digging In: Experiencing Hiroshima's Peace Culture

From my previous blog posts, it may seem as if my internship, volunteerism, and traveling leaves little time for the true purpose of my visit to Hiroshima: research. 'Tis not so! Over the past six weeks I have collected oodles of intriguing information to bring back to Boston College. I like to organize my research using three categories: interviews, symposia, and NGO-sponsored events.

Mary's Inner Tourist Has a Field Day

When I have free time here in Hiroshima, I often get the urge to embrace my inner gaijin tourist. Armed with my camera, map, and high-rise khaki shorts (shirt tucked in of course) I join the throngs of foreigners to ooo and aaa at Hiroshima’s historical landmarks. Hiroshima (along with Nagasaki, I would argue) is an absolute must-see if you are headed to Japan. I will recount a few of my most memorable sight-seeing adventures.

So It Begins...

At long last, I have arrived in Hiroshima. As I near the end of my first week in the City of Peace, I am feeling settled and ready to tackle the exciting research task before me.


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