Reconquestcently, most of my down time has gone to playing the newest Fire Emblem game – or should I say games? Fire Emblem Fates (Conquest, Birthright, and Revelations) came out a few months ago, and I’ve been spending much of my free time on Conquest, save for the occasional distraction by an indie game!

Fire Emblem Fates revolves around a conflict between two countries: Nohr and Hoshido. At one crucial turning point in the story, the protagonist must choose which side to stand with. Those who side with Nohr begin to play Conquest, and those who side with Hoshido will play Birthright. After a player has completed either the Conquest or the Birthright storyline, a third route, Revelations, becomes available. In this storyline, units from both routes will be available as allies.

I’m still in the middle of Conquest, but the gameplay and storyline have been pretty great so far!  The characters also look amazing, and I’m hoping to cosplay Aqua one day.

There have been a few changes from the Fire Emblems of old – for example, weapons can no longer break, and a new “Phoenix” mode that keeps units from permanent death has been introduced. Conquest is extremely challenging, even for a Fire Emblem veteran such as myself. I’ve heard from friends that Birthright’s chapter goals are a little more stagnant and less captivating, but easier to complete.

Either way, I’m extremely excited to finish the game and begin a playthrough of Revelations! Has anyone else played through Fates yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

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