Every October, local artist and author Matthew Meyer celebrates Halloween by making illustrations and translations of Japanese ghost stories on his website. In his project A-Yokai-A-Day, he has introduced one new monster every day of the month during October since 2009. He has also made a compilation of his illustrations and translations at yokai.com. Meyer has been writing about Japanese ghosts and monsters—known as yokai—for years. To read about his yokai, visit matthewmeyer.net.

Matthew Meyer will also be giving a presentation on Japanese ghosts and monsters from folklore. Meyer published his second book, The Hour of Meeting Evil Spirits, earlier this year. He will be presenting his illustrations and translations of traditional Japanese ghost stories. For more information on this event, visit villanova.edu:

In Japanese, the term minkan denshō (民間伝承 “transmissions among the folk”?) is used to describe folklore; the study of folkloristics is known as minzokugaku (民俗学?). Folklorists also employ the term minzoku shiryō (民俗資料) or “folklore material” (民俗資料) to refer to objects and arts they study

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