I had a few questions asking how I made my Irene wig, so I thought I’d write up a guide as to how I did it. While it seemed fairly complicated, it was a lot easier then I thought it would be, my process was fairly easy, it was more time consuming then difficult. This guideline would work pretty well for anyone who would want to cosplay Jolyne, or anyone else with an odd bun style hairstyle.


  • 2 Styrofoam eggs
  • Mod Podge
  • Wig comb
  • Paint
  • Got2Be Hairspray
  • Got2Be Hair Gel
  • Hot Glue
  • Some type of cardstock, or thick paper material.
  • 3 wigs; two purple ones and one pink.



For the colors I chose pink and purple just out of personal preference. I liked the shade of purple and pink that I got and decided to use that instead.

The reason why I chose to have three wigs is because I needed to harvest the second wig for wefts, and the pink wig was going to be harvested for the bangs and braids. I really liked a wig from Lucaille wigs, but I wasn’t able to buy wefts in the same color. Thankfully Lucaille is fairly cheep to buy from, so buying two wigs from them was really cheep. But the shipping can take a bit longer then any wig shop in the US. So if you planned far enough ahead on a project like this, then buy from Lucaille. If not and you need something quicker, its much cheaper to buy one wig, and then separate wefts. And because I have a fairly expansive wig collecting the pink wig was an old wig that I had laying around and wasn’t using.

My base wig I didn’t make any sort of changes to. I kept the wig as is and added everything else to it.

The first thing I did was prepare the buns. The Styrofoam eggs were sealed with a layer of Mod Podge and then painted over in a similar purple color as to the wig itself. I took the card stock I had and cut a strip about an inch wide and created a circle shape with it, I then glued it together on the base of the egg, so the egg was cradled within it. The base gives a place for the egg to it, it acts as support, but it also gives a place for the braids to rest. A small hole was cut in the back of the cardboard so the back braids would have a place to come out of.


Using my second wig, I started harvesting wefts from it. The easiest way to do that is to turn the wig inside out, and carefully cutting along the mesh there. That way you can easily harvest the hair without it falling apart. The wefts are cut into sections that would be easy to wrap around the egg shape. Each strip of hair was coated in a layer of the hair gel to make it stiff and keep the hair together. I sprayed some of the Got2be hairspray on the egg and wrapped the hair around it. The hairspray helps stick the hair to the egg, and for any additional hold, I use just a small bit of hot glue. I repeat this process until the egg is covered with the wig hair. The base part that the braids will go over is not covered in the purple wig hair.


Once the eggs are successfully wrapped and all the spray and glue is dry, I create the braids. The braids are made form wefts of the pink wig. Once I get the braid as thick as I want it to be, I glue the end of it to the inside of the egg, pulling it through the small cut that I made in the base, so it would look seamless. A second set of braids are made and glued around the base of the egg to hide the base and where the braid is coming out from the egg. Everything is sprayed with a layer of the hairspray to keep everything down and smooth looking.


Now that the buns and braids are created I need to attach the buns to the wig itself. I took two small wig clips and glued them to the inside of the buns. The wig clips are then sewn onto the mesh of the wig itself. You just have to push the clips under the wefts the best you can and carefully sew them in. Sewing them in makes it strong enough to hold the buns in, and it doesn’t ruin the base wig underneath.


IMG_2275_1The last step is to attach the bangs. In this case I was lucky that I could just cut the bangs out from my old pink wig and sew them into the base wig. The other advantage to using the bangs from an old wig is that you already have the shape you basically need, so all you’ll really need to do is just attach it to the wig. This step is pretty similar to cutting out wefts like we did from the previous wig, you just carefully cut along the mesh so you don’t damage the hair. With the bags separated, I placed them carefully on top of the wig where I wanted them and sewed them down to the mush under the wefts. You may have to clip some of the hair back so you can sew them down. Once it was sewn down, all I had to do was trim and style the bangs as I needed them to be.


That’s basically it for creating this wig! Nothing here is too advanced for anyone, I’m not super experienced in wig creations so I think most people could follow these steps and figure out how to make it. I hope this helps anyone looking to make this or a similar type wig!

Final Product


Photo by ACV


Photo by Sew Crunk Cosplay

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