This Halloween, JASGP is celebrating yokai: the monsters, ghosts and spirits of Japanese folklore! Whether you’re a die-hard folklore fan or brand new to the genre, you won’t want to miss some of the amazing events we have planned.

From October 28-30, we will be celebrating Yokai Family Weekend. This celebration of Japanese spirits features a yokai lecture and ghost stories with local yokai folklorist, illustrator, and author Matthew Meyer. Learn more about the history and origin of these creatures on Friday night’s Evening Yokai Lecture. On Saturday night, enjoy a revival of the traditional Japanese ghost story telling parties of old Japan, aided by the traditional atmosphere of Shofuso.

On Saturday and Sunday, families can participate in a yokai-themed scavenger hunt and collect spooky trading cards of tsukumogami—household objects come to life. Hear and see traditional kamishibai (illustrated folktales) of oni, kappa and tengu. Make an oni mask or design your own yokai puppet to use in a daily spirit parade around the Shofuso grounds. Play ghostly games and watch yokai-themed anime and movies at the Sakura Pavilion.


Listen to kamishibai folktales about Japanese monsters like oni, kappa, and tengu!

Evening Yokai Lecture

Ghost Stories at Shofuso

Saturday & Sunday
Oni Mask Workshops
Yokai Puppet Workshop
Tsukumogami Scavenger Hunt
Kamishibai Storytelling
Yokai Parade
Games and Anime


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